What is ISHAR?


ISHAR (Integrative Studies Historical Archive & Repository) will deliver a website that offers free, qualified academic sources on a range of topics, the main coverage of which includes Integrative Health, Integrative Culture and Integrative Theory.  These sources can be searched through both a search bar and a discovery-based navigation menu of topics.  The contents of ISHAR will include sources with varying levels of content: basic bibliographic sources, formalized abstract sources, full-length medical studies, abstracts of humanities sources, full-length humanities sources and complete journal sources.

We are archiving  a world collection of cultural and scientific knowledge, research and discussion with an emphasis on integrative medicine and consciousness studies, including all notable subjects therein.

The archive is in service to researchers, universities, doctors, journalists, libraries and online encyclopedias.  The sources are also a valuable asset to laypersons interested in educating themselves and referencing statements on source-based databases like Wikipedia.

ISHAR is a program of ISHAR LLC, which is a division of Chopra Foundation and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity.

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