ISHAR to Speak at Foundations of Mind III

Foundations of Mind III

By Rikki Marquis

Selected for their exceptional work in the field of consciousness, several Directors from ISHAR have been invited to present their research at UC Berkeley’s upcoming conference, Foundations of Mind III: Science as if Being Mattered, May 18-20 2016.  FOM is one of the most important gatherings about consciousness theory in the world, and ISHAR is honored to be a part of the conference!


Dr. William C. Bushell, PhD Biophysical Anthropology, Director of Research and Academic Liaison at ISHAR will be participating in panel discussions at FOM III about his work on how intensively trained people can enhance the capabilities of their sensory perception down to the quantum level, to the degree that the light of a single photon can be perceived by the human eye.  Dr. Bushell compares recent scholarly studies in controlled laboratory settings to the ancient Tibetan tradition of meditation that yield the same results.  


Ryan Castle, Executive Director and Chief Archivist at ISHAR, will be discussing in panel his work on the factors used in defining consciousness.  The energy flowing through any given system is measured in Energy Rate Density [ERD].   Once perceived as unrelated, many complex systems have in common this energy flow.  This type of “common denominator” makes the ERD measurement ideal for exploring and comparing radically different systems.  Mr. Castle explores what we consider to be consciousness, and how we measure this.  


Dr. Menas Kafatos, PhD Schmidt College of Science and Technology, is a member of the Board of Supervisors at ISHAR.  Dr. Kafatos will be sitting as Panel Chair to panel: The Nature of Consciousness.  


Congratulations to these gentlemen for the recognition of their work at the Foundations of Mind Conference.  We are excited for the opportunity to contribute.  CHEERS!




Thursday 9:30am-3:30pm PST

Panel: The Nature of Consciousness

Dr. Menas Kafatos, “Fundamental Awareness: The Foundation of the Universe.” February 2016.


Thursday 3:30pm-6:30pm PST

Panel: Further Explorations of Consciousness

Ryan Castle, “Universal Consciousness Factors.” March 2016.


Friday 2pm PST

Panel: The Observer Inclusive Physics

Dr. William Bushell, “Can Long-Term Training in Highly Focused Forms of Observation Potentially Influence Performance in Terms of the Observer Model of Physics?” March 2016.