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ISHAR (Integrative Studies Historical Archive & Repository) is an academic reference library.  We offer tens of thousands of free, qualified academic sources on a range of topics, the main coverage of which includes:

  • Integrative Health (Medical sources): All subjects relating to integrative medical or psychological health. A few examples include acupuncture’s palliative effects, yoga’s health benefits, meditation’s psychological benefits and Ayurveda’s efficacy.  This is the largest section in ISHAR.
  • Integrative Culture (Historical, Psychological, Literary & Anthropological sources): All subjects relating to cultural, historical and social aspects of belief systems, cosmologies, gender issues, spirituality, belief systems and practices.  This section is under development, but a preview is available below.



The contents of ISHAR include sources with varying levels of content: basic bibliographic sources, formalized abstract sources, full-length medical studies, abstracts of humanities sources, full-length humanities sources and complete journal sources.  These sources can be searched through traditional methods (search bar, categories and tags) or by using the ISHAR Holistic mindmap as a knowledge-discovery device.


ISHAR also features free, full-length books, detailed comparative charts on belief systems, and over 100 journals on Integrative Studies linked in our Journal Portal.





ISHAR wants to expand the availability of cultural knowledge, the nuances of belief systems, and the ideas that devotees truly embrace.  If you are a clergy-member, practitioner, scholar or expert, please contact us and tell us your area of expertise.  Share your beliefs with ISHAR, and we will share them with the world.