Tenderness Knowledge Grid


The Tenderness Knowledge Grid is a collaborative project exploring the relationship between positive human behavior, spirituality, and health.


  • Altruism (1482 studies)Sources exploring the nature of selflessness.
  • Biofields (950 studies): Research into the health effects of emotionally focused bioelectromagnetic influences, from a wide array of cultural backgrounds such as Reiki and laying-on-hands.
  • Compassion (2903 studies): Biomedical and psychological research into compassion relating to both health and treatment.
  • Empathy (73 studies): Research into empathy, filtered to apply to integrative health and wellness.
  • Epigenetics (1863 studies): A body of research exploring the role of mental states, emotions, and behavior in human epigenetics.
  • Faith (1849 studies): Studies that examine faith’s role in health and the practice of spiritually assisted healing.
  • Gratitude (254 studies): Analysis of gratitude as it relates to health, both in the positive and negative.
  • Kindness (1490 studies): Various studies exploring the nature of tenderness and kindness.
  • Meditation (513 studies): Full length abstracts on how meditation affects health, healing, and the psyche.
  • Love (1590 studies): Scholarly examinations of love, both from the romantic and agape perspectives.
  • Optimism (511 studies): Research into the relationship between optimism, positive thinking and health, both on an individual level and sociologically.
  • Prayer (1334 studies): A wide range of research from multiple perspectives on the effects of prayer in healing and psychology.
  • Senescence & Aging (2945 studies): Comprehensive biomedical studies into the process of aging and dying, including influencing factors.
  • Spiritual Meditation (67 studies): Sources on the effects of spiritually focused meditative practices.


The Grid

ISHAR is building a grid to map the dynamics and sources behind tenderness and loving behavior.