Mental Recall

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Depression and Anxiety

BACKGROUND: Scant research has examined the effect of neuropsychological (NP) functioning on treatment outcome in pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). This study sought to address this gap in existing research. METHODS: A total of 63 youths were included in this study and asked to complete the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure (ROCF) and specific subtests of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Third Edition (WISC-III).

Flessner, Christopher A.
Allgair, Amy
Garcia, Abbe
Freeman, Jennifer
Sapyta, Jeffrey
Franklin, Martin E.
Foa, Edna
March, John
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Developmental Science

Implicit skill learning underlies obtaining not only motor, but also cognitive and social skills through the life of an individual. Yet, the ontogenetic changes in humans' implicit learning abilities have not yet been characterized, and, thus, their role in acquiring new knowledge efficiently during development is unknown. We investigated such learning across the lifespan, between 4 and 85 years of age with an implicit probabilistic sequence learning task, and we found that the difference in implicitly learning high- vs.

Janacsek, Karolina
Fiser, JÛzsef
Nemeth, Dezso
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The British Journal of Nutrition

The longevity and excellent health status of the population of Crete has been attributed to its lifestyle and dietary habits. The impact of Greek Orthodox Christian Church fasting on these dietary habits has never been studied. One hundred and twenty Greek Orthodox Christians living in Crete participated in a 1-year prospective study. One half of the subjects, who fasted regularly (fasters), and sixty non-faster controls were followed longitudinally for the three main fasting periods over 1 year; Christmas (40 d), Lent (48 d) and the Assumption (15 d).

Sarri, Katerina O.
Linardakis, Manolis K.
Bervanaki, Frosso N.
Tzanakis, Nikolaos E.
Kafatos, Anthony G.
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Roczniki Pa?stwowego Zak?adu Higieny

The aim of the study was to determine the preferences and nutritional habits of Warsaw centenarians during their "third period" of life. The study was conducted by a questionnaire method among 29 centenarians. Most of centenarians had general good health condition. Almost 60% of centenarians performed manual labor in the past. Then they drank small amounts of alcohol irregularly. Several percent of centenarians smoked in the past. Before the age of sixty less people then at present snacked between meals.

Ko??ajtis-Do?owy, Anna
Pietruszka, Barbara
Ka?uza, Joanna
Pawli?iska-Chmara, Romana
Broczek, Katarzyna
Mossakowska, Ma?gorzata
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Nutrition Journal

BACKGROUND: Invalid information on dietary intake may lead to false diet-disease associations. This study was conducted to examine the relative validity of the food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) used to assess dietary intake in the Leiden Longevity Study. METHODS: A total of 128 men and women participating in the Leiden Longevity Study were included in the present validation study. The performance of the FFQ was evaluated using the mean of three 24-hour recalls as the reference method. Evaluation in estimating dietary intake at the group level was done by paired t-tests.

Streppel, Martinette T.
de Vries, Jeanne H. M.
Meijboom, Saskia
Beekman, Marian
de Craen, Anton J. M.
Slagboom, P. Eline
Feskens, Edith J. M.
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Archives of Sexual Behavior

Young adult male homosexuals were recruited from a homosexual group and were given the Roe-Siegelman Parent-Child Relations questionnaire and the Marlowe-Crowne social desirability scale. Compared to a control group of heterosexuals, the homosexual group rated their mothers significantly more rejecting and their fathers less loving and more rejecting. The Love-Reject factor also showed the between-groups difference for the ratings of fathers; for mothers, the Love-Reject factor difference was marginally significant.

Milic, J. H.
Crowne, D. P.
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The British Journal of Psychiatry: The Journal of Mental Science

The study tested Bowlby's hypothesis that experiencing the poor relating of parents in childhood predisposes the individual to poor relating in adult life. Data were drawn from two community samples: a younger sample of 25-34-year-old married women, and an older one of 40-49-year-old women. Data were also drawn from the husbands of the women in the younger sample. It focused on the single childhood variable of the recollection of poor maternal care.

Birtchnell, J.
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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Four experiments tested the hypothesis that concerns about infidelity would lead people, particularly those displaying high chronic levels of romantic jealousy, to display a functionally coordinated set of implicit cognitive biases aimed at vigilantly processing attractive romantic rivals.

Maner, Jon K.
Miller, Saul L.
Rouby, D. Aaron
Gailliot, Matthew T.
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Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Fifty-three college-aged same- and mixed-sex romantic couples (83% White, 63% female, mean age, 20.8) engaged in a video recall task in which they rated their own and their partners' behaviors and emotions. Females reported feeling more connected to partners and reported fewer negative behaviors than males. Females with male partners reported the highest feelings of connection and the fewest negative behaviors. Males with male partners reported the lowest connection and most negative behaviors.

Darling, Nancy
Clarke, Sara A.
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Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association

The film 2046 is used as a screen and a springboard from which to reflect on the compulsive plight of some lovesick individuals. A particular oedipal constellation that generates lovesickness is hypothesized, wherein an unmourned third object preoccupies yet frustrates the primary object. This thwarted longing for another on the part of the original parent figure inflicts a defect in the self-esteem of the subject, who is then compelled to seek out an object that will re-create, while promising to repair, the wound.

Furlong, Allannah


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